8 Feb 2015

Lush Big Shampoo

Hair soft as wool? Well, Lush Big makes it all possible: from softness, amazing texture to utterly refined root volume. If you're lusting over ultra lightweight hair with volume, search no more. Lush Big, this self-conserving, all natural shampoo is based on sea salt and lime juice. They both reduce grease the natural way and add shine while lifting roots with gritty texture. If you're fully satisfied with your natural volume on holiday, this might be your secret tube of resort all year around.

Volume is always welcomed in my book but most of drugstore products can't handle their initial promise. Having a really positive experience with sea salt spray, I've decided to roll the dice with this fairly expensive sea salt shampoo from Lush. Lush Big Shampoo (18,95€, online) is surely a pleasant addition to my hair care routine. Hair stays fresh for days, smells like a true margarita and volume keeps bouncing back. Lime juice makes hair shinier and healthy looking. What keeps it from making the cut for ''top favourite shampoo'', is tangled wet hair and issues with color treated hair. Sea salt exfoliates scalp and gives a lovely mini scalp massage but you end up with slightly tangled hair. A good hair brush and conditioner can solve this particular problem. My main complaint is based on my color treated hair perspective. Being blond, I always struggle with brassiness and yellow tones. Ever went on a holiday with freshly coloured hair? If yes, you can imagine the same thing with this little pot. Colour will fade tremendously with each wash. That's why, this is my guilty pleasure for special occasions and still maintaining fairly pearl/white like hair. Just a small warning, blonds and redheads. On the contrary, you can easily use this shampoo for removing hair colour you don't like.

My main point is that Big really does work. You get shiny hair, extra volume, revived roots, margarita scented hair and lovely texture. Keep in mind I didn't use any conditioner whatsoever on the upper picture (excuse my awkward pose). Treated hair, especially blond and red, will most likely have difficulties with maintaining hair color. For the price of 18,95€, you get a massive tube that will last at least 3 months with regular usage. You need only a pea size amount for lathering up your entire scalp. Highly recommend for an extra boost of volume and shine without any artificial chemicals or preservatives.


  1. Uau, tole bo treba sprobati. Tvoj opis me je prepričal :D

  2. Hi Sara! I really like this shampoo, even though it has such a weird texture! Your makeup looks amazing in the last picture!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict

  3. Joj jaz si ful želim tole :D

  4. This looks like a great shampoo, I've just cut my hair short so I love products that give lots of volume now. Lovely post :-) X

  5. This looks like a great shampoo, I've just cut my hair short so I love products that give lots of volume now. Lovely post :-) X

  6. As much as I'd love soft and volumed hair, I'll have to give this one a miss as i've recently dyed it purple!


    1. your hair looks amazing - exactly why you shouldn't use it :) I only use it when I'm already back to blonde or for special occasions.


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