6 Feb 2015

Mac Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Review, Swatch & Dupes

Most of you are already familiar with Mac Viva Glam range along with donation for AIDS fund. To promote Viva Glam line, Mac collaborates each year with different (almost obscene) celebrities. For 2015, Mac released a brand new Viva Glam in collaboration with Miley Cyrus. That's how a new warm hot pink was born. There are actually two items in the collection - a lipstick and a sparkly lipgloss. Being a huge fan of previous Mac Viva Glam releases (read about Gaga and Nicki Minaj here), I had to order lipstick for myself.  Miley Cyrus will be/is launched in Europe this month, February 2015. I believe this line will be sold until June 2015. Texture aside, I enjoy a good pink lipstick and I also respect the donation part. For all Slovenian readers, you can find Mac in Austria and a brand new Mac in Zagreb.

With Amplified finish, Mac Viva Glam Miley Cyrus gives off strong pigmentation. While the color is not a true fuchsia pink, it surprises with warm undertone. It is not a coral pink yet it lacks properties to be categorised as a true hot pink. I would say it is somewhere in the middle - deepened warm hot pink, nothing quite familiar to my extensive lip stash. If we consider longevity, we will find quite a long lasting formula. It stays put for 5 hours and leaving an even and strong stain afterwards. This is my first Amplified finish and I would say it's similar to Satin finish with less dryness. It's not too creamy which makes it practical for everyday errands. Big fan of this particular formula.

Finding the closest match was not an easy task. While I was pretty confident I will find a cheaper version, I had difficulties due to deeper tones in Miley Cyrus. Similar tone in the tube has Isadora Jelly Kiss Raspberry Sorbet - almost spot on dupe if it weren't for the sheer texture. Mac Relentlessly Red is in the similar tone of deepness but way more red and coral. L'oreal Caresse 06 Aphrodite Scarlet is way too sheer to be even considered. Bourjois Color Boost in Fuchsia Libre is sheerer, with more cooler tones. Basically, there are no proper dupes in my collection. I would imagine though, that Maybelline Vivid in Vivid Rose would be a lovely alternative.

I'm really pleased with the formula, so with the almost neon pink color. I love long lasting lipsticks that don't dry out my lips, while leaving a beautiful stain that is hard to remove. Keep in cheek mentioned staining power, if you hate stained lips in general. As for the color, it's quite dupable but weirdly enough, still no proper dupe in my collection. Texture is just a dream to work with. Mac lipsticks retail for 20€ in Europe and 16$ in US on Mac counters and online.


  1. O, wau, kako je lepa! :) Čisto moja barva!. :)) <3
    Upam, da mi jo kdaj uspe ujeti, če bom se potikala blizu kakšne MAC prodajalne. :P

    +Krasne slike in lepo ti paše.

  2. Kok je huda!

    Sicer ne toliko moja barva, ampak tebi res res res paše! :)

  3. Lovely images & swatches! Looks amazing on you sara! I don't think i could rock this shade, too daring for me ^^


  4. Ulalala... čudovita je! <3

  5. Zadnja leta me Viva Glam šminke niso ravno navdušile, ampak tale je pa prekrasna :) Vse kar je približno podobno Relentlessly Red mi je takoj všeč. Zelo ti paše ta odtenek :)

  6. Odlično ti pristaja tale odtenek <3

  7. That color looks fantastic on you! :)


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