2 Mar 2015

Diamond Nails by Models Own

Want to be treated with real diamond dust like a princess? Models Own delivers anything your heart desires. From candy scented bottles to real diamond dust, hyper gel and special effects like Splash and Firework on your own nails.

Models Own Diamond Luxe is based around true diamond dust in your very own bottle. Shade that caught my attention, is Pear Purple, a perfect warm lavender with golden dust. Lavender on nails is never out of fashion, especially when there's spring around the corner. It's chic yet adorable enough for making your nails playful like in the older days. Color is fully opaque with 2 layers and has a standard applicator. Lasts around two days on my nails which is a fair amount of time in my case. No streaking, no fuss, just a lovely opaque color.

Bottle is priced at 5,95€ on Click2Chic. Models Own is available worldwide in Bottleshops and specific drugstores. You can also check previous Sweet Shop collection here and Disco Pants here.


  1. Tole je pa res pomlad v flaški <3

  2. This shade looks so perfect for spring, and I love that it has a slight sheen to it - the sparkle of glitter without the pain of having to take it off!

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  3. That is one stunning purple! <3


  4. Zelo lep odtenek! Čisto spomladanski:))

  5. That is MY kind of colour!!!

  6. Wau kako čudovit odtenek laka! In prekrasne fotografije :)


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