4 Mar 2015

Models Own Gel Effect without UV

Models Own is always on trend, releasing the most unexpected collections in nail department. HyperGel is a firm consistent with super shiny gel finish without any UV. For Spring, Models Own added to the HyperGel line additional 10 shades. Prude Nude in particular, is a pink based nude white - sheerer version of Essie Fiji and half the price. With 3 coats you can achieve fully opaque color or apply a layer or two for semi-opaque, natural look. In my case, I applied 2 coats of Prude Nude - opaque but still natural. While sheer nail polishes might not be my cup of tea, my mom will love this. It's perfect for topping extra layer to your french manicure. 

HyperGel offers gel effect without even using an UV light. It's definitely not as long lasting as UV nail polishes but offers shine with longevity of a regular nail polish. I highly recommend checking out other spring inspired colors with full opacity. Those of you, looking for a work appropriate nail polish, this might be your pick. Models Own nail polishes retail for 5,95€ on Click2Chic (for Slovenia) and around 6€ on ModelsOwn and Asos.

*Tea mug is from the cutest store in Slovenia, Babushka Boutique on Gosposvetska ulica 8, Ljubljana.


  1. I love this shade! nothing like a simple nude


  2. Najbolj luškana skodelica ^.^ pa tudi lak je lep :)

  3. Tale odtenek je pa čist zame!!

  4. Popoln odtenek! In skodelica je tako luškana. :)

  5. Zadnje čase obožujem nude lake :) mene mogoče odtenek spominja bolj na muchi, muchi od Essie :D

  6. Skodelica <3 Lak bi bil pa bolj po mojem okusu če bi bil tudi na nohtih take barve kot v steklenički :)

    1. Tudi jaz sem se veselila takšnega bolj mareličnega odtenka, pa je na žalost drugačen na nohtih.

  7. This looks really pretty. I'm not the biggest fan of sheer shades either but I can definitely see that it would be perfect for a french manicure <3 x

  8. Lep odtenek, ampak sem mislila da je bolj prekriven:). Je pa super za tak naraven izgled:)

  9. I love the mug, sooo cute! :)



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