13 Apr 2015

Etude House Liquid Lips - Alternative for Too Faced Melted Lipstick

This year is marked with liquid lipsticks. From matte to glossy versions, products are flying off the beauty shelves. In particular, Too Faced nailed a creamy-mousse type of formula with their Melted Long Wear Lipsticks. Creamy to matte finish is easy to apply yet it sets throughout the entire day, leaving you careless about your bright lipstick. Etude House Color In Liquid Lips offers the same comfort and durability with a fraction of the price. And cuter packaging. 

Etude House Liquid Lips offers an entire rainbow of colours, you can choose within 20 youthful shades. With a massive color selection, Liquid Lips also give off high coverage and pigments. This is not a gloss, it's highly pigmented creamy lipstick in a gloss tube. Texture is getting better and better from the minute you've applied lipstick on your lips. Formula is indeed, really comparable with Too Faced version. Product applies creamy (almost watery) but slowly transfers into a matte version within hours. Basically, when the time passes, you're slowly left with pigments while initial creaminess gradually fades away.  After that, you're left with the most even light stain. In my case, PK005, is a light neutral baby pink. You can probably imagine lighter shades don't leave much of a stain but still...there's left a hint of pastel pink hue.

Applicator is shaped as a heart which makes application effortless and precise. PK005 Pink in Dolly is indeed a neutral baby pink with a hint of white but still super wearable on lighter skintones. Color looks in person a bit more warm and neutral than on my (lightened) swatches. Longevity is pretty impressive for a nude pink - around 4-6 hours without eating or drinking. Product is in no way sticky or unpleasant to wear. It's actually lightweight and watery but still adhering enough. Scent is also an extra bonus point since all Liquid Lips smell like grape soda, yum!

As always, Etude House never disappoints and I congratulate them for another successful formula.
In fact, I'm highly impressed with this little gem. I expected it to be a bit more liquid with a gloss finish but it surprised me with adhering ability and creaminess. I approve Etude House Color In Liquid Lips and recommend picking up one of their shades. For 9,98$, this lipstick is almost cheap as chips. Negative aspects? I'd like to experience even better longevity. 
You can check out other colors from Liquid Lips range here. Korean makeup is fairly priced and sold on Jolse.com with free worldwide shipping.