10 Apr 2015

Tone Adapting Nude: MAC Faux Lipstick with Dupes

MAC Faux Lipstick was hard to catch, let me tell you that. It was almost mission impossible if I take into consideration all the praises Faux got recently. So, I've been patiently stalking my nearest (abroad) counter and managed to snap one of the last few there. This hyped up mauve nude is truly what I expected it to be. Slightly darker rose with a perfect balance of mauve and grey. The tricky thing is, that Faux looks like a brown-rose based nude in the bullet but surprises once applied.

Faux is just right up my alley, a perfect version of my natural lip color. Honestly, I was a bit confused about my MLBB lipstick shade, I could never really determinate my natural lip tones. It all makes sense now...this is it! It's slightly cool toned but still warm and rosy. Wild enough, Faux actually looks brown rose in the tube but transfers on the lips in a totally different way. Once on the lips, it's a lighter and ashier version of herself. With a Satin finish it looks almost matte but it's still creamy enough to be universally likable. I can totally see Faux being an ultimate favourite by all skin types - including cooler and warmer undertones. I assume Faux ''adapts'' to the same tones as your natural lip color. In my case (neutral tone with a hint of cool undertone) it transfers as an ashy pink mauve shade.


Here are the closest matches for MAC Faux lipstick. Essence Cool Nude and NYX Matte Lipstick  Whipped Caviar are the closest dupes, while Catrice Ultimate Stay Mauve Your Lips is a tad sheerer and cooler. Whipped Caviar and Cool Nude are slightly warmer in the tube. Faux has a lot of similar siblings in the drugstore but nothing is really spot on due to previously mentioned ''tone adapting ability'' to your own natural lip color. While some drugstore dupes look like a perfect match in the swatches, they translate totally different on the lips than Faux. For example, Essence 05 Cool Nude looks a perfect swatch dupe for Faux, but looks way too warm on my skintone hereDo you get what I'm trying to say? 

MAC Faux (Satin) is a lovely addition to my recently overflowing nude collection. It's easily dupable but still transfers totally different on your lips due to ''tone adapting ability''. In this case, Faux will also probably look different on various skintones. I recommend trying Faux on your lips before purchase as it might translate cooler or warmer than expected. Mac lipsticks retail for around 21€ on MAC counters.