14 Jun 2015

KIKO Miami Beach Babe Review

I usually don't like doing limited collections on my blog. However, I sometimes do dedicate a minute or two to special collections that are worth talking about. I was recently visiting another KIKO store and as always, beforehand checked out their new products online. My attention was instantly caught by a bright and summer-inspired LE Miami Beach Babe. After the first scroll, I wasn't too keen on any product but with more detailed read, I got curious about Beach Babe Bronzer, solely because of powdered sugar scent. In the store itself, it can get pretty wild. Products looked even more captivating and unique look of Deco Delight Lipstick made me kneel.

Beach Babe Bronzer (11,90€ for 19,50g, online) was my ultimate pick due to vanilla cotton candy scent. Bronzer has a strong scent that can be detected with each application or opening. Scent itself is similar to Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes and it's the main selling point for me. Not only it smells delicious, the two shades are pretty versatile for fair and darker skintones. I choose the lightest shade, called California Sand and it's a light-medium warm toned bronzer. It's pretty similar to Soap & Glory Solar Powder (review here) and a shade or two darker than The Body Shop Honey Bronzer (review here). It's definitely not overly pigmented and applies like a dream. Texture is finely milled and contains whooping 19,50g of product. Both bronzers are matte and great for warming up your face and body. I actually look like a normal human being in sunlight. If you're nearby KIKO, I warmly suggest you picking it up.

Deco Delight Lipstick (7,90€ for 2,5g, online) offers shiny, wet finish with balmy texture. Rich oils make this product nourishing but semi-sheer pigments give off buildable color. Texture works as a thick lipbalm and doesn't slide or crease. Again, lipstick is also heavenly scented and smells like potent vanilla custard. Polkadot design is innovative and stunning on packaging and lipstick itself. Coloured polkadots on the lipstick are without any special purpose but they might add a hint of different undertone. Super creamy texture makes the lipstick a bit melty and it can easily snap. In particular, I choose 02 Frison Rose, most popular versatile colour choice out of the 6 shades. It's a juicy warm rose pink, suitable for any skintone. As the longevity goes, these tend to last for good 3-4 hours. This has a perfect summer formula which will appeal to the masses.

Miami Beach Babe is definitely an eye catcher with cute design, colorful products and delightfully scented formulas. If you're around KIKO store, definitely sniff their bronzers and try super creamy Deco Delight lipstick formula. Also, fun eyeliners, cute nail kits and adorable blushes won't skip your eye. I'm absolutely in love with my new bronzer and easy to wear lipstick so you clearly know the final thoughts. KIKO LE Collections tend to stay for a few months in their store so there's plenty of time to snatch these goodies. Usually, they also make a sale after the season. Miami Beach Babe is available from June 2015. You can order KIKO online with reasonable shipping prices.


  1. Really like the look of this bronzer! I'm a sucker for anything with a nice scent - have you tried the boujous bronzing primer? Smells gorgeous! xx

  2. The lipstick looks so pretty! <3

  3. Šminka je ful kjut s temi pikicami. Pa barva. <3
    Če bi imela zdaj KIKO v bližini, bi takoj šla po njo. :P

  4. The lipstick is beautiful, amazing color :)

  5. Šminko bi mela že samo zaradi pikic, čeprav je odtenek tudi čudovit :)

  6. I love the polka dot lipstick - so cute! :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  7. Kiko in te njihove kolekcije, vsaka mi je bolj všeč kot prejšnja! :D Bronzer izgleda čudovit, šminka pa tako prikupna da bi jo že zato imela :) nič, bo treba it pogledat ko bom naslednjič v Trstu :)

  8. This lipstick looks INSANE on you! It really suits you well! Cute packaging too :) xx


  9. such a pretty collection , wonder if we will get it here in USA :) I really want the lipstick :)


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