18 Aug 2015

Unbox & Try Japan Candy with Me + GIVEAWAY

Japan Candy Box is newly launched subscription box, followed by it's older sister Kawaii Box. I've already reviewed Kawaii Box before (read here) and I got offered an awesome opportunity to try out their new candy box. Now, you already know I'm fascinated with Korean and Japanese makeup while candies were always a pleasant surprise from my Asian swap friends. Asian candy can be bought online from different retailers but for the double of the regular price. Also, picking out the perfect desserts or candy within your budget can be a stressful event. So why not leave it all to Japan Candy Box where they perfectly choose a balanced amount of sweet, sour and creamy? Japan Candy Box at 18,20$-19,90$ isn't the cheapest option but you don't have to worry about additional costs, shipping and charges. They offer free shipping worldwide. Also, if you follow me on Instagram you might know I solely eat plant based food. For this review, I've made an exception as it was a lovely opportunity I couldn't resist. However, Asian food usually doesn't contain a lot of dairy products but keep in mind that all products in these kind of boxes aren't exclusively vegan.

Let us start with the most obvious, Kabaya Fish/Frog Gummies. Unfortunately, due to the hot summer weather, inside gummies melted together in a one big bloop. Supposedly it comes shaped as fishes, fish eggs and pregnant fishes. Interesting. As for the flavour, it has a strong scent and taste after true, juicy mango - yum! Mango flavour is often used in Asian candy but it's still a nice burst of refreshment in my book.

Lotte Koala March Biscuits are fairly popular snacks and are available also in Europe. This particular batch has crispy biscuit on the outside and creamy chocolate filling on the inside. There are approximately 10-15 koalas in each small pack. How freakin' adorable is the design? Each koala has a different face or body expression.

Dorayaki Japanese Hotcake came as a sample 2-layered pancake with maple syrup filling in between. Texture was quite spongy and similar to original American pancakes while filling was super sticky and thick, reminiscent of jam. Taste was a bit artificial as most packaged sponge desserts and cakes. Definitely not my favourite but still cute enough to make the cut. I guess the whole inspiration came from Canada.

I was already familiar with Marukawa Fusen Bubble gum from previous swaps with Asian bloggers. These usually come packaged in small boxes with various flavours so I could count this a sample size. Strawberry flavour is on point but the texture looses it's taste and bounciness after 5 minutes. It's pleasant but goes ''cheesy'' quickly as most fruit bubble gums. You get 4 pink balls of strawberry bubblegum.

Meiji Kotsubu Chocolates are pretty standard chocolate snack in Asia. This is probably one of the first things you need to try. Again, I'm already familiar with this particular candy and fortunately I'm a fan. They come shaped as small cakes with a lower layer of chocolate and upper strawberry flavoured white chocolate. They are super tasty and not overly sweet. There are approximately 10-12 bite sized cakes in this small box.

Meiji Petit Bubblegum surprises with ''sparkle water effect'' in your mouth. You need to consume about 5-7 bubble gums to fully experience ''sparkle water''. At first it tastes like Sprite or lemony sweet juice but has a hint of refreshment (might be mint) that mildly tingles your mouth. Particularly unusual product. Big like. Japanese candy also have the most unusual openings while you can have fun with mini games on the back of the packaging. This bubblegum pack lasted me for a few weeks and taste lasts for a good half an hour or so.

Yaokin Sour Paper Candy is fairly similar to European version of sour candy. Basically it comes as a cola-flavoured string with sour topping. This is nothing new to my taste buds but it's still a cute concept for kids.

Pokemon Pikachu Pretzels were the most yummy treat out of the entire box. They come in a stick pretzel form just like standard Mikado's but with stracciatella flavour and scent. Utterly enjoyable treat with creamy frosting and chocolate bits.

Puccho Mixed Fruit Chewy Candy is my ultimate pick too. Big chunks of chewy candy give a mouth watering burst of fruit taste. With fruity strips on chewy blocks of candy, there are also small poppy balls of different flavours inside. Truly an enjoyable and unique candy.

Popin' Cookin' Neri Candy Land DIY Kit is definitely highlight of the box. Ever watched a video about Popin' Cookin' and miniature dishes made out of candy? Well, these things are highly popular among kids and adults. It's like a moulding clay kit but you can create cute, miniature food or animals out of chewy candy with grape flavour. You also get a tray for different shapes, a stick for making donuts and colourful sprinkles. 5 differently coloured chewy candy is enough to mix any colour you want. Heaven for kids to sparkle up their creativity. I wanted to make some fun miniatures but instead, I'm giving this away to my younger cousin as she was dying to try this in the past.

All in all, it's quite a unique batch of Japanese candy. Me and my family truly enjoyed discovering new flavours and textures. What I'm not so happy about is getting a mix of full-sized products and samplers. I totally understand room and price constrains bigger variety and if it were up to me - I would still rather try various samplers than getting a smaller variety upon ordering this box. Still, considering content, you'll get a lot of joy out of the entire box and scrumptious bits will last up to a week, including entire family into tasting. If you have kids, well, this box might enlighten their childhood - cute/kawaii packaging, bright colours, yummy flavours and creative candy will improve their imagination, taste buds and occupy them for a while. You can order candy box for 19,90$ with free worldwide shipping here.

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