16 Sep 2015

Red Chocolate Matte Lipstick on a Button

You've heard it right. Chocolatey red shades are definitely not typical for Korean market, but I've managed to find a matte, vampy lippie on a single click. Gimmicky push button allows you to control the needed amount in a pencil-like form. Matte lips on a click is yet another innovative thingy from far far away South Korea. 

The Saem Eco Soul Kiss Button Lips Matte (2g at 8,98$ on Jolse) is the range we're looking at. After a successful release of their standard version (without matte effect), they've managed to follow western inspired matte trend. With only six shades in total, which is actually the main withdrawal, The Saem brings to the table a softer, satin-like matte interpretation. Three shades for cool toned complexions and three for warm skintypes. Sounds fair alright. Lipsticks are definitely not entirely matte but rather satin with a kick of moisture on the first note. After an hour or so, texture changes into longlasting matte finish. They don't budge much but you might consider blotting out the first layer for slightly more matte-r finish. Formula is comfortable, glides effortlessly and is slightly velvety, which makes me having no complaints. Product itself has a fruity scent of watermelon with peach and the clicking mechanism works perfectly. The tilted tube makes application easier. As for longevity, they easily stay put for at least 7 hours or more with even finish. I choose the most unique, vampy shade - 06 Bittersweet Chocolate, suitable for cooler complexions. I expected a smoky muted burgundy with grey tones but instead, it's actually a red with a chocolate twist. It's hard to describe but I would say it's a dark vampy cool red with an added brown for slightly more blood-like colour. Does that make sense? It's slightly darker, cooler and brown in real life. 

You all know I'm not a red-type of person but vampy or burgundy red with a special twist...I'm on it! This will actually stay in my lippie collection due to uniqueness and cooler spectrum which suits my skintone. The only downsides that I can highlight is the amount (only 2g, compared to standard 3,5-4g lipstick) and matte label, which isn't entirely true (more like satin finish at first but transfers into full matte after 2 hours). Still, it will perfectly pair a beige cozy sweater and add a bit of colour to my face. The click button is a innovative funky idea for younger audience but catches even my (experienced?) mind. Again, another successful trip to downtown Asia for only 8,98$ a piece. The Saem brand with free worldwide shipping is available at Jolse.com