5 Oct 2015

Top Complimented Mac Eyeshadow for Fall: Star Violet

Consider this a mini marathon of my favourite MAC products for Fall. MAC Eyeshadow Star Violet is no stranger to me as it's my secret weapon for colder months for quite some time. I have been preparing this review for over a year but that didn't stop me from loving this particular eye-mazingness. In fact, the more I use it, the more it love it. It's actually my most complimented eyeshadow of all time.

Star Violet is a tricky one. It's not totally burgundy but rather a balanced mix of warm neutral brown/copper and purple. It acts differently under certain lights: looks burgundy yet a warm purple or a shimmery dimensional brown tinged purple. It also pulls a bit coppery if you blend it out so it certainly deserves most beloved Veluxe Pearl label. MAC Veluxe Pearl eyeshadows are known for complex shade range and multidimensional look. They are soft, pigmented and easy to work with. Star Violet is no exception as it's creamy in texture and highly pigmented. It wears like a dream and has minimal fallout. Along with Patina and Vex, this one deserves to be ranked within my top 5 favourite eyeshadows from MAC. This will probably sound like a cliche but I really wish all MAC eyeshadows would have similar texture and quality (khm, Retrospeck). Note that you should exclusively use it with a brush - it can easily get that layer of hard texture that keeps it from giving off amazing pigmentation.

It's a staple shadow that deserves your attention. It's a multidimensional burgundy copper which makes it worth those extra pennies as it is unique to my personal collection. MAC eyeshadows retail from 9-12€, depending on each counter or with/without outer packaging. You can buy MAC shadows in pan form only in MAC stores which also makes it more affordable.


  1. I really love this kind of shades lately :3 Ko bi le bil MAC bližje xD

  2. This is really great color for fall and winter season. Love it :)

  3. Eye-mazingness haha, you so punny :P :D Ampak na malo bolj resni noti, prosim nehej s temi MAC objavami, ker bom mogla naslednjič ko bom tak vse pokupit -.- Perfect zgleda ta barva na tebi!

  4. Loooove this shade! You can create amazing eye looks with this shade combined with darker brown-ish tones, maybe? Looks great on you xx


  5. Oh I love Star Violet-I really need to dig mine out. Veluxe Pearl is also my fave MAC formula!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict

  6. Prav nehala bom brati te tvoja MAC objave, ker potem vse hočem :D

  7. such a stunning shade! Looks amazing on you :)
    Sophie Jenner

  8. Kako lep odtenek! :)

    x, Katja

  9. Ohhh kok je lepa. o.O Jaz še nimam nič od Mac-a :(


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