2 Nov 2015

Always popular Mac Lipstick: Hue Swatches, Review & Alternatives

Juicy finish and proper nude tones lift up MAC Hue right up in ''the cult classics elite'' and it's probably the most obvious pick when exploring MAC selection. I've been delaying my purchase due to not-so-popular Glaze finish and appearance in the actual tube - looks like a pile of nothing. Always on my wish list but never really executed due to a numerous lip shade selection. It was actually a pleasant surprise to found out I actually don't own a MAC Hue dupe in my three number lipstick collection. Still if you're on a hunt for something similar, stick to the end for comparison.

MAC Hue truly looks like an unappealing peachy nude in the lipstick tube. It gets easily lost in the massive MAC selection, especially now, when darker matte nudes are on a winning stroll. Slightly outdated concealer lips or light nude pinks are probably sitting in makeup drawers until the next nude-nude march. After trying several shades on my priority wish list, I've finally caved in and tried this classic nude hue. From ugly peachy nude shade, it totally transforms into a light pink once it's on the skin. It's lighter and warmer than Creme Cup, yet not as peachy as it looks in the tube. Actually, I can't really categorise it as a peach or pink nude - it's perfectly balanced right in between. It's a solid cream colour without any glitters or shimmers but has a flattering shine finish as all Glaze lipsticks. Yes, Hue is definitely lighter as most lipsticks shades but also buildable in terms of coverage. Glaze finish allows it to layer for intensity - from sheer wash of pink up to full shiny nude pink. Texture is pretty creamy but also prone to melting so expect melted edges or a slight mess with time. You need to be extra careful with application as Hue can snap off due to the pressure and creamy soft formula. Scent is a typical vanilla that fades with wear time. Longevity is also a weak point as it lasts for 2-4 hours at most. Luckily, it's easy to apply without a mirror. 

Not a single lipstick in my stash perfectly matched MAC Hue. Also, I can easily imagine it being too light for everyone's taste. All three alternatives are indeed, darker in tone and more wearable for every day. Burberry Kisses lipstick in Nude Pink (34,25€, buy online) is the closest alternative with more prone pink tones and less nude vibes. Texture is pretty similar. Maquillage is a Japanese brand from Shiseido and has a more peachier but still pinkish alternative RD246 from Sheer Climax Rouge line (31€, buy Maquillage online). It has multidimensional shimmer that gives that extra shine to the lips and is super comfortable. Revlon Lacquer Balm in Demure (11,75€, buy online) was recently compared on my blog with MAC Peach Blossom here. It's in fact, a perfect dupe, which makes it darker, warmer and more shimmery than MAC Hue. Still, it's a lovely darker option for avoiding super light nudes.

I really hope, I didn't left you disappointed with imperfect alternatives, but at least you got a look into similar shade family and comparison. Actually, Burberry and Maquillage alternatives are more expensive than a MAC lipstick, but are easier to access in Asian parts of the world. MAC Hue is overall, a lovely light nude pink-peach that transfers differently on everyone due to balanced tones of warmth and pink. It's a lovely change of pace within this matte nude trend and flattering on both, darker and lighter skintones. Glaze finish is not my favourite due to melty formula that easily melts on the corners of a lipstick bullet. If you're not going to carry Hue in your daily bag, then it's a safe pick. MAC lipsticks are sold on their counters at about 20€.


  1. I have never tried Hue but I've heard so much about it! The Burberry color looks amazing! Lovely post dear! xxxxx


  2. pretty colors!!!


  3. they all look amazing! You look so pretty in those pics <3

  4. Revlonov Demure mi je na pogled še najbolj všeč :)

  5. MAC Hue je bila moja najljubša šminka in sem jo nosila vsak dan kakšnih 5 let nazaj. Sem našla tudi par podobnih odtenkov, med njimi je bil najbližji odtenek Makeup Factory 47, ampak ga nimajo več. Pa Beehive od Seventeen je še kar podobna, ampak bolj sheer. Je pa Peach Blossom od Maca zelo podobna, ampak bolj peachy in nima tako izrazite bele baze. Mi je zato ljubša. Se pa strinjam s tabo, da v embalaži ne izgleda nič posenbega in jo z največjo lahkoto spregledaš :)


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