3 Jan 2016

Intro to Vegan Cosmetics: Vegan Cuts Beauty Boxes

Fully plunging into cruelty-free or vegan cosmetics can be a bit of a cold leap. While a lot of people likes the idea, including me, not a lot of them really know how to properly venture into vegan cosmetics yet. It's like a totally new world where you sometimes stumble upon vegan skincare or makeup without even realising. A great start could be Leaping Bunny Guide but you don't get the familiar idea of what's really good in each skincare or makeup category without a good old research. What makes life a lot easier at the beginning of the journey or just exploring opportunities within cruelty-free cosmetics, are subscription boxes. You can easily discover various products each month without hassle. It's an easy way to discover your favourite bits and bobs, to open your mind and to try out mini or full sizes. One of the more popular choices of vegan world is US-based Vegan Cuts, a successful subscription box company made with love. They offer both, Beauty Box and Snack Box while adding Starter Kits and themed boxes to the mix. You can always check out previews on their site or Youtube (featuring lovely co-founder Jill) where they show off at least 1-2 main star products out of each monthly box.

To have a better first look at Vegan Cuts Beauty Boxes, I've prepared both, November and December edition to browse through and decide whether they're a good deal for your taste or not.  Keep in mind that these Beauty Boxes always have a spin of bodycare, skincare and makeup. There's always at least 1-2 well-known vegan brand including Pacifica, Lush, 100% Pure, Acure Organics and so on. You always get a chart of products with it's value, Instagram pages from brands and instructions for use. Be aware that the real prices and value of products is true as some other subscription boxes like to unjustifiably raise prices on minis and sample sizes. Besides that, you also get a 10$ off code at 50$ purchase and usually 15-20% off on featured brand's online sites. So if you fall in love with a specific brand or product, you're good to go.

November Beauty Box featured 5 products in 47$ value including 2 skincare items, 1 haircare product and two makeup bits. They are all Fall inspired and appropriate for this season.

100% Pure Black Tea Long Lasting Eyeliner (28$, full size) was the main highlight of the box. It's super black, natural and one of the most longlasting eyeliners I've come across. It settles into a shiny finish and doesn't budge without a makeup remover as it's water resistant. It easily tops any L'Oreal liner. In terms of size and quantity, it's pretty huge compared to other eyeliners. It's safe without any toxins, fragrances or chemical preservatives. Black tea serves as a dye instead of harsh synthetic dyes. A repurchase for sure!

Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp & Haitian Vertiver Body Lotion (3$, travel size) has a light hemp-jasmine like scent and utterly light texture for a vegan bodycare item. It's gentle and leaves feeling skin soft and subtle. Skincare might not be my favourite part of the subscription box but it's great to discover other well-based vegan skincare.

Shea Radiance Moisturizing Hair Milk (5$, travel size) leaves hair silky soft with a leave-in conditioning properties. It's not oily or heavy but rather lightweight enough for a spritz. It easily detangles hair before brushing. A perfect example to achieve detangled hair without silicones.

BohemianBeautyCo. Botanical Facial Steam - Tranquil (7,5$, mini size) is a magical blend of rose, chamomile, lavender, clove, rosehips and other herbs with flowers for that perfect calm evening. It relaxes and removes skin impurities with a simple steam bath. The blend smells heavenly after rose and herbal field with a touch of calming chamomile and lavender. I also use the remaining water as a toner.

Mineral Fusion Nail Polish - Royal Rubble (4$, mini size) is a captivating shimmery purple with soft blue and gold sheen. It's one of the most unique shades while it stays put for about 3 days on my nails.

DECEMBER BEAUTY BOX - Leaping Bunny Edition
December Beauty Box comes with 6 products in a total value of 39,50$, which were carefully chosen as Leaping Bunny's favourites. All brands are firmly Leaping Bunny certified. Box includes 3 makeup products and 2 skincare items. It also comes with a handy Leaping Bunny guide for your wallet.

Crazy Rumors Lipbalm - Holiday Edition (3,5$, full size) has a pleasant not-to-thick texture that melts and sinks into your lips within 2 hours. Cinnamon Bun in particular smells like a cinnamon heaven matched with baked goods and sugary topping. I'm pleasantly surprised and itchy to collect all of them. Love!

Concrete Minerals Eyeshadow - Smut (8$, full size) is a shimmery taupe with rose gold shift. Box came with various shades but I was lucky enough to get Smut as it's one of best selling shades from Concrete Minerals. Mineral eyeshadows are always unique in colour but they're not the easiest thing to apply. I suggest using a good eye primer and a flat brush to really pack on the product. You can see the final result on my makeup look I've created.

Auromere Ajuverdic Toothpaste (1$, sample size) is a tiny toothpaste with a lot of income. You only need the tiniest amount as it's potent with herbs and neem to thoroughly clean your mouth. It's fresh yet herbally and also really mild. Not my favourite part of the box but definitely a good start to venture into flouride-free toothpastes.

Acure Organics Cell Stimulating Facial Mask (7$, travel size) is a green facial mask with chlorella and argan stem cell. The instructions suggest you to transform into a green monster which is totally adorable. And yes, you do look like a green creature from the lake while skin is feeling soft and clean. I like it but I don't love it.

Demes Natural Products Cleansing Oil (6$, mini size) is a personal skincare highlight. If I'm crazy about any specific skincare product, then it's definitely cleansing oil. With a single massage and easy cloth stroke, you're free of your daily makeup and dirt. However, this particular cleansing oil is richer in texture due to real oils, which make skin shine afterwards. It's still easy to remove yet it doesn't entirely take off mascara or eyeliner. Other than that, a pure joy. 

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques - Sweet Sixteen (14$, full size) is a rather corally pink with shimmer on my skintone. It's bold yet soft in texture and can easily compared to Nars Deep Throat. It's highly pigmented due to pressed texture of minerals. Light hand and a soft blush brush might be the perfect answer for a light glow and colour.

I've included all makeup bits in a makeup look so you can get a better idea of the performance. I've re-created my everyday look with vegan substitutes and so far, everything works wonderfully. I used 100% Pure Black Tea Long Lasting Eyeliner, Concrete Minerals in Smut and Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Blush in Sweet Sixteen. Now I only need to match up myself with a vegan lipstick and foundation.

To honestly conclude, I cannot believe the performance and quality of vegan products. It's a definite positive adventure into cruelty-free makeup and skincare. I'm entirely motivated to slowly substitute my regular makeup with vegan alternatives. I might not be in the ideal set-mind yet as I love to play with different makeup brands, but I will surely take a closer look each time I buy another makeup product. However, I have much more progress in skincare department. Honestly, my skincare and bodycare is much likely over 85% natural or cruelty-free. I'm getting aware of all chemicals and nasty ingredients which makes me pretty uncomfortable to apply them as my skin treatments. Fully commit to replace my makeup is a rather difficult task for me, but I'm at least slowly getting to know other alternatives. All in all, I highly recommend trying Vegan Cuts Boxes as they help to promote healthy living, saving the planet and taking a special care of animals. It's highly inspiring to try out beauty bits that might not be on the highest rank of your wish list. You never know, these might be your final kick in the ass to go fully or partially vegan. Also, Vegan Cuts Beauty Boxes retail at 19,95$ with before-hand sneak peaks. Shipping is free within US which makes it a perfect little treat. They also ship worldwide but the shipping costs are unfortunately another 15$. Still, if you like the preview (usually are the main starts - for January is Earth Lab Lash Mascara at 22$) and really want to try vegan beauty bits, I'd totally recommend them. Shipping is pretty fast, trackable and packages usually comes within 1-2 weeks.


  1. Ravno to ane.. To, da si vzameš čas in da imaš res motivacijo poiskati take izdelke, ki ustrezajo nekim kriterijem. Izdelki so luštni, lakec mi je še predvsem všeč :)

    1. Ja, trudim se :) Trg je res prenasičen in obstaja toliko standardov da je potem na tebi da določiš mejo. Sprememb pri ličilih še ne bo hitro pri meni, se pa zavedam...

  2. i like the brands Nubian Heritage - Crazy Rumors - Acure, which i all buy from iherb from time to time. but i didn't like that acure green mask ;) (i remembered it foams up weirdly when i washed it off)

    1. oh, I know you like the Acure lipbalm! Sounds delicious and I have it on my wishlist because of you. Mask is okay but I expected more :)

  3. All of these products sound fantastic, I'd really love to look into cruelty free brands so thank you for this post! Also your shirt is what dreams are made of! Do you mind sharing where it's from?! xxxxx


  4. A veš, da tudi jaz sem najslabša pri ličilih, ostalo je kar dobro :D
    Ta škatla zveni super, se zadnje čase kar navdušujem nad njimi.

  5. JOOOOJ <3

    Ukradla ti bom prašička, tok je dobr!!! <3

    Drugače pa super da obstaja tudi takšna kozmetika, the best :)

  6. Waw, vse izgleda res super, ampak morski prašiček na koncu je too cute <3 Happy ful, da obstaja veganska kozmetika. Se trudim vedno več uporabljat.

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  8. i just follow your blog.

  9. I would love to try a Vegan Beaty Box! This sounds freaking amazing! You got such great stuff in the box, I wish we had something like this where I'm from <3

    xx Bash | H E Y   B A S H | bloglovin'

  10. Very informative post, thanks! :)

  11. Very informative post, thanks! :)


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