10 Jun 2016

New The Body Shop Skincare: Lightening Adjusting Drops, Instaglow CC & Skin Defence

The Body Shop has some sweet new launches in skincare department. With a bunch of new lines to choose from, I got especially interested in their brightening line Drops of Light. Coincidentally, my nearest The Body shop store didn't have the mentioned line. As consolation, I've picked up other new bits and pieces with light rose packaging and a bunch of interesting promises.

First of is The Body Shop Skin Defence (22€ for 40ml, check online), multi-protecting essence with lightweight formula, antioxidants, UVA and UVB protection and most importantly, SPF 50. Sounds like a dream come true, a lovely addition to your everyday skincare regime. Skin Defence truly delivers lightweight texture like water and still feels ultra light on the skin. Kind of mattifying but still comfortable. Essence is just the right name for the texture. It also gives a bit of glow, which is not too obvious in hot, humid weather. As of now, I pretty much love it. Perfect for everyday use as it has antioxidant properties to protect from pollution. Cherry on top is brightening effect - with red algae and vitamin C, skin gets brighter, even and more healthy looking with time. I highly recommend it to all my fellow sensitive skintypes, leaning towards hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Again, I was seduced by the word glow and bright. The Body Shop Instaglow CC Cream in Bright Glow ( 15€ for 25ml, check online) is exactly the product I have imagined. It's a seriously multi-tasking primer before makeup. It gives subtle glow, protects with SPF 20, reduces appearance of pores and moisturises the skin. And I agree with most of the statements. It's quite a perfect combination of healthy glow and shine reducing product. I know, it sounds contradictory. Once you apply it on your skin, face looks subtly illuminated but still shine-free. The shimmery particles are minimal and almost undetectable. Just a slightly visible glow and optically perfected skin is just what I want for summer. It feels super light on the skin and it's easily layered before foundation and after your regular moisturiser. Also remember, it has no tint like usual CC creams. There are three glowing shades in the range: bronzy Warm Glow, pinkish Bright Glow and warm Peachy Glow.

Can you see a hint of pink glow on the left side?

And now onto the true main star! The Body Shop Lightening Shade Adjusting Drops (14€ for 15ml, check online) are very important in my makeup routine. Pale as a ghost, most of foundations don't match my skintone. I've tried everything - from Makeup Revolution, Barry M, Stargazer and other white foundations. No formula was absolutely perfect, until now. The Body Shop nailed just the right consistency, colour density and light texture. Just a drop or two is enough to enlighten a shade or two darker foundation. Note, that Shade Adjusting Drops feel like a lightweight foundation and don't interact with your primary finish of foundation. Also, the pigmentation is dense enough to lighten with small amounts. Perfect! I usually find white foundations too cakey or too liquidy to easily mix into foundations every day. In fact, Lightening drops are actually pink based - for a more natural look to your foundation as solid white isn't the most natural looking colour for your face. Pink tone doesn't really interfere with foundation's undertone. I actually stocked up with another bottle, just in case.

The left side of my hand is covered with only The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops. You can get an idea of the pigmentation density. It's not fully pigmented but rather has a medium coverage. Texture itself on the right side is pretty similar to liquid foundations.

I'm more than pleased with all picked items. I cannot live without Lightening Shade Adjusting Drops anymore, while I could maybe skip Instaglow CC Cream (it's not a life-changing product). Skin Defence is just perfect for my skin needs, as it promises to eventually (after 4 weeks) brighten my skintone and also protect from further melanin accumulation.