30 Oct 2016

MAC All Fired Up Swatch, Relentlessly Red Comparison & Dupes

mac all fired up

Mac All Fired up is a well-known staple in regular Mac collection, although mine is pampered with cool design from previous Holiday collection 2015. Don't worry, the inside is the same as the same-name regular Retro Matte. Seducing with the right amount of pink and red, All Fired Up can't be overlooked as a fiery staple. It might be my only red lipstick that's comfortable for me to wear on a daily basis.

mac all fired up review
mac all fired up swatch

How about texture and longevity?

Retro Matte finish doesn't necessarily mean drying finish. Actually, Mac has improved their Retro Matte formula to extent, that is ''not-so'' drying, lightweight and still ultra matte. My older Retro Mattes (for example Relentlessly Red) are way drier, less creamy and slightly more heavy on the lips. In both cases, there's no room for negotiation about matte finish - perfect, but the feel is different. Retro Mattes can easily survive whole day on the lips or minimum of 6 hours, including eating and drinking. If you still suffer from dry lips wearing new, improved formula, try adding a small amount of matte lip balm (Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm) on the lips throughout the day.

Scent and other perks

Lipstick has a typical Mac scent - light and inoffensive vanilla. What I also appreciate about All Fired Up is, that it compliments every kind of skintone and all complexions. It's beautiful on fair skintones, including those with pink or yellow undertones. No wonder it's my staple red-pink that's loud but still wearable for everyday.

Shade is pretty unique too

All Fired Up is a perfect example of perfection between red, coral and pink. It's bright but still dark, easy to wear but elegant. Just enough red to be sophisticated and just enough pink to be called fun. It goes both ways and suits all skintones. Matte finish gives that last detail to be considered as a Mac staple among brights and colors. I absolutely adore it, my only reservation before buying was pretty similar shade called Relentlessly Red. I thought they were doubles but All Fired Up is much more elegant, sophisticated and slightly toned down. My Spring look was created using Mac All Fired Up so you can still check it here to see lipstick in action. 

mac all fired up on lips

Comparison & All Fired Up Dupes

Although All Fired Up is truly a perfect, matte pink-red staple, that doesn't mean we don't have dupes for it. Affordable brands are right on fire right now with matte textures and they can easily compete with higher-end brands like Mac. Avon released a Perfectly Matte lipstick range, which is above and beyond with their matte textures and non-drying texture. Clearly, one of my favourite lines - check out entire collection here. Perfectly Matte line also got Grazia Award 2016 and Beautiful Bloggers Award 2016 in makeup category. Impressive, right? Luckily, you won't have to buy and spend 21€ on a lipstick bullet from Mac, as I found two close dupes for All Fired Up and Relentlessly Red. All Fired Up is slightly darker and more pink than coral Relentlessly Red. In terms of neon, Relentlessly Red is brighter due to white notes in it. On the other hand, Avon Perfectly Matte in Ravishing Rose is almost spot on like All Fired Up. It's lighter in texture, less matte and a touch pinker. Avon Ruby Kiss is not the closest dupe to any of it, but it's slightly more red.
Do you need both, Relentlessly Red and All Fired Up? Probably not. But if you like these types of color, you could easily justify getting both. Or at least one of the Avon dupes. Relentlessly Red is slightly more bad-ass when it comes to dupes as it's pretty unique with added coral tones (still, Avon Vibrant Melon is pretty close).

mac all fired up comparison

mac all fired up relentlessly red dupe

Mac lipsticks are sold at counters and Mac stores worldwide. The price of the Mac lipstick is about 21€ for 3g and the prices are getting higher with each year. Avon products can be ordered through their representatives, catalogue can be find online. Avon Perfectly Matte lipsticks are in between 4,5-5,50€, depending on the discount.


  1. Weirdly I have never seen a matte bright pink lipstick! I love the packaging, would make a great christmas gift x

  2. Prav imaš, so podobne.

    Ampak od Avona ni tako ultra "matte" kot je od Maca :)

    Je pa odtenek zelooo podoben.

    Super objava bejba!

  3. Šminkica je res lepa, ampak predvsem mi je všeč celotni make up ki si ga ustvarila! Wau :)

  4. so pretty
    , I saw her at mt CCO and I think I will get her

  5. Odlične primerjave :) Imaš prav - All Fired up je bolj elegantna verzija Relentlessly Red. Meni je zelo pri srcu, ampak imam še vedno samo tester, ker je pa predraga za odtenek, ki ga verjetno ne bi uporabljala tako pogosto (to je zdaj moje zadnje odkritje :D. Sem verjetno prišla malo k pameti). Bi imela od Avona, pa se mi ne da matrat z naročanjem, itak mi je pa D for Danger absolutno najljubša in bi imela raje original tiste ali pa kakšen dupe, trenutno iščem med Colorpop šminkami :)


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