15 Nov 2016

Bamboo Makeup Collection you need to see: Catrice Neo Natured

catrice neo natured review

Overwhelming flood of limited editions is slightly making me numb. There's only a minority of products that's so good that I want to keep forever. Catrice and Essence are the perfect examples of continuously releasing new limited editions along with re-vamping their standard assortment almost seasonally. It's slightly hard to keep up and I'm sad skipping limited editions and sorting out old, discontinued items that can't serve my blog. As a blogger I tend to stay away from buying limited editions. But every now and then, a collection (or two) makes me super excited.
This time it's fall Catrice Neo Natured with stunning bamboo packaging.

catrice woodlands liberry

Neo-Natured Lip Colour (4,99€, all drugstores)
Lipstick was the first item that caught my eye - of course. Shade C03 Woodlands LiBERRY was my first and ultimate pick despite having a hate relationship with classic red lipsticks. It's just a perfect combination of brown and burnt smokey red, nothing like it before. It enhances but it's still natural at the same time. Finish is creamy and the longevity part is pretty nice at 4 hours of wear. It has a typical Catrice scent, similar to watermelon bubblegum. Approved! Collection has additional two shades, a coral nude C01 NUDEtral Nature and brick red C02 Maroon Melange. Oh, and where's the logo on lipstick from the promo pics?

Neo-Natured Blush Walk in the Woods (9g for 4,99€, all drugstores)
The magnetic, bamboo packaging is just out of this world. It's a pretty unique concept for such an affordable brand like Catrice. It twists instead of opens which deserves a special place in my blush collection. On top of all, the shade is a pretty, petal-rose neutral which wonderfully suits fair skintones like mine. Has a satin finish and tiny, tiny golden shimmer that's not easily visible. Pretty much a perfect daily shade for any skintone. Actually, the shade transfers much warmer than expected. Also, the texture could be slightly less powdery and more longwearing.

neo natured blush bamboo

Neo-Natured Eyeshadow Soothe of Soul (3,99€, all drugstores)
Catrice eyeshadows can be a hit or a miss. In this particular example, Soothe of Soul trio isn't that bad. The pigmentation is okay while longevity could be improved. I'm surprised at how well the darkest shade transferred on my lid. In terms of unique color, there's nothing new about this trio. These are your basic smokey eye shades - matte creamy ivory, satin taupe and cool matte brown. If you're searching for an easy, everyday smokey set - this one is a nice choice. I'm not particularly keen on it but I like the easy, no-think effect on my eyes.

catrice neo natured eye

catrice neo natured look

catrice neo natured test

catrice neo-natured

I'm sure you've probably noticed Catrice Neo Natured collection in Muller drugstores by now. It's eye catching, fun and innovative, made out of real bamboo. Feeling pretty and ecological! Neo Natured is probably sold out in most Muller stores...but don't worry! Neo-Natured is also coming to all Drogerie Markt (DM) stores across Slovenia, Germany and Austria. You'll be able to catch it and I don't see a reason why would you skip their lipstick or bamboo blush.