2 May 2017

Soft as Kittens: Sigma Highlight Expert Brush Set Impressions

Sigma Highlight Expert Brush set review

Fluffier than bunnies and soft as kittens? It's no secret I'm a huge fan of Sigma brushes. You've already meet my final staples here and here but there's no stop to Sigma imagination. Contouring is getting replaced by strobing and highlighting, which brings need of tools for all those gorgeous highlighters. Sigma answers with new Highlight Expert Brush Set, containing 3 highlighting brushes that are also sold separately on Sigma website. F03 High Cheekbone Highlighter is a small but precise buddy for really intense highlighting effect. While F37 Spotlight Duster, egg shaped soft brush, adds a touch of natural glow for everyday use. It's my favourite and even beats Tapered Face brush with 10$ lower price and more softness. Indeed, F56 Accentuate Highlighter is the weirdest of them all - flat and short like a contouring brush. Surprisingly, it work wonders with rainbow highlighters! It shifts the color on your cheek like no else. Of course, it's that kind of highlight you can barely use for Instagram or evening party. All 3 brushes are synthetic with Sigmax or Sigmatech fibers which give the impressions of natural softness. No bunny or animal was harmed when making these brushes, which is a bonus point.

Sigma Beauty Highlight  Brushes review

Best Sigma beauty brush sets

soft cruelty-free Sigma brushes

Sigma Spotlight duster, accentuate highlight, Cheekbone highlighter brush

They are all super soft and Spotlight Duster, my favourite, truly feels like natural hair (without any cruelty). I can't say all 3 are necessities and must haves, although each brings something else to the highlighting vanity. I'm pretty sure you'll love Spotlight Duster as me, while other two might be more professionally satisfying. If you adore your rainbow highlighter and you just can't bring the effect on your cheek, you should definitely look into Accentuate Highlighter. If you fancy a more basic brush set, read about my cruelty-free SigmaTech Brush Set. Sigma ships worldwide and has promotional codes for discount all year. 10% off code is SIGMA2017.


  1. Sej ne da imam kaj proti, ampak v tej objavi sem jaz bolj kot ne gledala samo mucka <3
    Spotlight Duster izgleda super zanimiv :)

  2. Kakšen muciiiii <3

    Sploh nisem opazila nič drugega :D

    1. kaj bi brez naših živalic. ti še moreš svojega zekota vklopit v photoshooting! :)

  3. Mucek je tako lep, da krade pozornost čopičem <3

    1. No, me veseli :D Da je vsaj malo drugače kot ponavadi.

  4. Težko berem tekst, če imaš na slikah MUUUUCKAAAAAA :)


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